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Toned Milk Also called single toned milk, refers to milk obtained by the addition of water and skim milk powder to whole milk. In practice, whole milk from buffalo is mixed with reconstituted spray dried skim milk for the production of toned milk. In India, as per PFA Rules (1976), the toned milk should contain a minimum of 3.0 per cent fat and 8.5 per cent solids not fat. Double Toned Milk Refers to milk obtained by the addition of water and skim milk powder to whole milk. Usually buffalo whole milk is mixed with reconstituted spray dried skim milk. In India, as per PFA Rules (1976), the double toned milk should contain a minimum of 1.5 per cent fat and 9.0 per cent solids not fat.

Dry low-fat skim milk is added to reduce the fat content but maintain the total milk solids. Ultra pasteurisation typically involves temps of 140C for 2 seconds but does not allow long shelf life without refrigeration, while the UHT described below could be even higher and for a longer period. The Amul Dairy site says:

Amul Taaza is Long Life double toned milk. It is fresh and only fresh milk, which has been processed with a technology called UHT (Ultra High Temperature), hence also known as UHT milk. Notwithstanding popular misconception, UHT technology does not involve any use of preservatives. The UHT treatment ensures zero microbial activation, while preserving the maximum flavour, taste, and nutritional value. The aseptic packaging system protects the product from air and light and guarantees a long shelf life of 180 days without refrigeration.



Downing as little as one glass of toned milk daily could keep the heart healthy by protecting it against a range of serious conditions, including stroke and heart disease, a new study has claimed.

A team of international researchers has found that adults who drink at least one serving of low-fat milk or milk products have 37 per cent lower odds of poor kidney function linked to heart disease than those who don’t drink regularly.

According to the researchers, the study suggests that milk protein, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium may contribute to milk’s potential heart health benefits.

In fact, they came to the conclusion after measuring the kidney function of more than 5,000 people, all adults aged between 45 and 84, the latest issue of the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ reported.

The researchers tracked eating patterns and tested albumin-to-creatinine ratio — a measure that when too low, can indicate poor kidney function and an extremely high risk for cardiovascular disease — of the participants.

They found that people who reported consuming more low-fat milk and milk products had lower ACR, or healthier kidney function. In fact, low-fat milk and milk products was the only food group evaluated that on its own was linked to a significantly reduced risk for kidney dysfunction.

An overall healthy diet, including low-fat milk and milk products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables was also associated with a benefit — 20 per cent lower ACR or even healthier kidney function, the study revealed.

So, drink milk to a healthy heart!

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If you love the taste of milk but are wary of its fat content then go for toned milk. Toned milk can be a good substitute to whole milk as it contains little or no fat. The milk is obtained by adding skimmed milk powder and water to whole milk. This process decreases the fat content of the milk, increasing the quantity of the available milk. Here are some reasons why choosing toned milk could be a healthy choice.

Toned milk contains the same amount of nutrients like whole milk minus the fat soluble calories. It is one of the richest sources of calcium and is helpful in strengthening your bones, teeth and muscles. Being a good source of whey protein, it digests well in your body. This milk is also an excellent source of potassium and can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Drinking a glass of toned milk every day in the morning can help you beat unnecessary hunger pangs.


Low calorie

Toned milk can keep your calorie intake down. One cup of toned milk contains 150 cal, whereas a cup of whole milk contains as much as 285 cal. Most calories in toned milk come from its carbohydrate content. It can be a healthy option as it contains only the natural sugar lactose, which is a carbohydrate. You may also want to know the number of calories in different types of milk.


Low fat

Whole milk contains saturated fats which can increase your levels of cholesterol. Saturated fats are unhealthy fats that can block your arteries and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Toned milk contains only 3% fat and could be a good option for people on a weight loss plan. The absence of saturated fat in the milk can help prevent weight gain and promote heart health. Besides, the milk is low in cholesterol and is thus, helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels in your body.

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  • Children between 3-12 years should have three glasses of toned milk and adolescents should have two glasses of toned milk.
  • Ideally, adults should consume half a litre of toned milk daily to meet their nutritional requirements.
  • Since calcium requirement increases in older people, they should consume about 750 ml which is more than half litre of toned milk every day.

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