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The amount of food a woman needs during pregnancy depends on a number of things including her body mass index before pregnancy, the rate at which she gains weight, age and appetite.

Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) treats the whole mamma to be, taking her nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and well-being into consideration. CAM also emphasizes the body’s ability to have a physiological birth with utilizing herbs, massage, meditation, hydrotherapy and other natural choices.   The CAM approach helps decrease your need for medical intervention.


Pregnancy is a time where joy, bliss and trust in both the mother’s and unborn babies ability to connect for the birthing process  unfolds.  This is a one day 5hr workshop that is rhythmically synchronized for what is needed to be connected with self, baby, and the birth process; without fear, anxiety and self doubt.

The Awakened Birth™ Method was developed with the understanding that the unborn child is very conscious and aware of its environment and that imprinting start’s at conception and continues after birth.  This method brings all the new research on neuroscience, embryology, midwifery, epigenetics, pre & perinatal birth psychology, and consciousness studies with practical tools that assist in reaching a birth that best supports the mind, body, and & spirit of mom, baby, and partner.

As you are learning about the whole development of baby, mom, and environment for the birth, you are being facilitate and guided through mindful mind/body techniques that will allow for the understanding and release of the fear’s, anxiety, and self-drought.

Materials: You will  receive a workbook, CD, and independent readings, that will guide you through every step to reach a calm and joyful birth.


Sorting through all the available information in just nine short months is a major challenge. You need to think about so many different things. Researching your insurance coverage, choosing a place and primary practitioner, knowing what the implications of those choices are and who else you might want to include in your birth team can be a daunting task. One way to save time and effort is to work with a birth consultant. They will help you clarify your goals and direct you to resources that will be compatible with them. Parents find out that they have more options than they thought. They then have safer, more satisfying births. We suggest that you consider doing preconception planning but any time before birth would benefit any family.



Congratulations! You are now eating for more than one. Nutritional therapy for birth will help you choose a variety of healthy foods for you and your baby to get all the nutrients you need. You will need an additional 200 to 300 extra calories from nutrient-dense foods such as lean meats, low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. It will be important to carefully consider the foods you consume during your pregnancy. This is a time to eat more foods that are nutrient-dense, and fewer sweets and treats; eating a variety of foods. We do full nutritional analyze to see how diverse your diet is to understanding your levels of vitamins and nutrients for the day, then  assist in developing a healthy daily intake of calories, vitamins, and nutrients.  This will allow for you to support your little ones developing mind and body.


Aromatherapy, herbs, & homeopathy are all wonderful gifts from mother nature.   CAM, has been used for 1,000’s of years in the birth community.  All can be used to help morning sickness, assist with uterine health, allow for relaxation during labor, and facilitate a slow or stalled labor.  Just as import during the pregnancy and birth, is post birth.  There are so many oils, herbs, and homeopathy remedies that allow you to heal faster, balance your hormones and assist with the baby blues.



Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, hiring a professional labor support companion is one of your most important considerations. In our opinion, all parents need the continuous support of a trained and experienced professional.

Mindfulness birthing means working with the body’s physiological and instinctual process in child birth and understanding the Wholeness of birth.  A mindful birth doula will support,  guide, and educate expecting mothers and partners on their own birth path with the least amount of intervention possible, while protecting the well being of the mother and baby.

Mindful Birth Doula’s study biodynamic embryology, epigenetics, pre & perinatal birth psychology, neuro-sensory-motor development, consciousness studies, and the natural physiology of birth.  With these studies they understand the dynamics of birth and how the effects are on baby, mom, and partner.  They understand the most important element for a physiological birth to unfold is the state of the Autonomic Nervous System, either mom is calm and feeling fully supported or  lost with unanswered questions, in fear.  This state sets the rhythm and the cascade of hormones that assist with the laboring process,  allowing the process to unfold and flow to the birth of the child.

They bring their Heart & Hands to hold space, during this magical  moment and to assist baby, mom, and partner in staying in the moment . They are trained in Birth Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Tapping for Birth, Movement Therapy of Birth, Mindfulness , hydrotherapy, herbs, and much more. Please call for a call for a free 1hr consultation.


Mindful Postpartum Doula means working with the natural and instinctual process in bonding and attachment for baby, mom, and partner.   A mindful postpartum doula will support,  guide, and educate mothers and partners on their own parenting path with guidance and support for this new family dynamic rhythm.

Mindful Postpartum Doula’s study biodynamic embryology, epigenetics, pre & perinatal birth psychology, motor development in infants, understanding baby language, the natural physiology of birth, biological breastfeeding, sleep patterns and parenting styles.  With these studies they understand the dynamic’s of parenting and how the birth process plays a role in relation  to baby, mom, and partner.  Mindful postpartum Doula’s know the most important element for a calm baby and mom is the state of the Autonomic Nervous System, either mom is calm and  fully supported or  feeling in a survival state, fear. This will be the babies understanding of the environment and will rhythmical synchronize with mom’s system, no matter what the  state.

Mindful Postpartum Doula’s bring their Heart & Hands to hold space, during this magical  moment and to assist baby, mom, and partner in staying in the moment for a rhythmic transition into parenting.  Our goal is to support the natural parent form within and facilitate in that trust.  When we come into the home, we fill in the notes, for a rhythmic flow;  form  make small meals, holding baby while you rest to doing  mind/body work for enhanced parenting confidence   Please call for a free 1hr consultation.



Imagine for a moment how your baby’s birth can be if you went into labor with calmness and confidence; really knowing you had the skills to relax deeply, stay focused, and work with the rhythm and flow of birth effectively. That your partner felt confident in helping you stay relaxed, and feel supported by them, in ways that nurture you.

It is truly possible, utilizing the power of your mind and the body-mind connection. This is what Hypnosis for Birth offers birthing moms and their partners.

Hypnosis for Birth Helps to:

  • Reduce/Modify your perception of Pain
  • Build your confidence and calmness
  • Diminish fears and anxiety
  • Reduce/eliminate the need for medication in labor
  • Reduce the need for interventions (abdominal birth, forceps, etc.)
  • Learn to very quickly and deeply relax and focus
  • Expand your emotional and mental control in labor
  • Smooth the transition into parenting


When you first find out you are pregnant, a whole range of emotions can come streaming into your consciousness. If the pregnancy wasn’t planned you may be shocked or confused. Even if the pregnancy was planned you may be experiencing these feelings in addition to joy, excitement, apprehension and possibly relief if conception took a while.

It is common in our society to keep the pregnancy a secret for the first 3 months. This may feel good or it may feel like a burden when you really want to talk about how you are feeling and the changes that are happening to you.  EFT is a wonderful tool for balancing emotions and releasing negative feelings.


The placenta contains your own natural hormones and is perfectly made for you, by you. Experts agree that the placenta retains hormones. Reintroducing them to your system is believed to ease postpartum and menopausal hormonal fluctuations.

Your baby’s placenta, contained in capsule form, is believed to:

  • Contain you own natural hormones
  • Be perfectly made for you
  • Balance your system
  • Replenish depleted iron
  • Give you more energy
  • Hasten return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state
  • Show that may increase milk supplies



A baby’s body is made to shift and mold during birth. Sometimes, the process can be hard on babies. Most difficulties during birth and the prenatal period can resolve when the child comes into relationship with their parents after birth, however sometimes a little more help is needed.

Neuro-Sensory-Motor Integration Therapy is a gentle approach to help your child’s system reset and come into balance.  People seek Neuro-Sensory-Motor Integration Therapy for their babies if there is a concern such as:

  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Body stiffness or little tone
  • Cranial molding related to birth or in utero
  • Sleep issues
  • Attachment issues
  • Nursing difficulties
  • Development delays
  • Crawling or walking concerns
  • NICU experiences


It is clear that some women experience events during childbirth (as well as in pregnancy or immediately after birth) that would traumatize any normal person.  For other women, it is not always the sensational or dramatic events that trigger childbirth trauma but other factors such as loss of control, loss of dignity, the hostile or difficult attitudes of the people around them, feelings of not being heard or the absence of informed consent to medical procedures. The group is autonomous and holds space with honoring every story. Facilitators are specially trained in multiple healing modalities and guides you through this process.

Research into the area is limited and, to date, it has largely focused on the importance of the type of delivery. It is clear however, that there are risk factors for Post Natal PTSD which include a very complicated mix of objective (e.g. the type of delivery) and subjective (e.g. feelings of loss of control) factors.

They include:

  • Lengthy labor or short and very painful labor
  • Induction
  • Poor pain relief
  • Feelings of loss of control
  • High levels of medical intervention
  • Traumatic or emergency deliveries, e.g. emergency caesarean section
  • Impersonal treatment or problems with the staff attitudes
  • Not being listened to
  • Lack of information or explanation
  • Lack of privacy and dignity
  • Fear for baby’s safety