Physical certificates of Medifit’s Master PT Course

Physical certificates of Master PT Course are issued 3 months after taking admission. Examination is held online after 3 months and after examination, physical certificates are issued immediately from Medifit office, Mumbai, India. 

Unique Physical certificates of Medifit comes with following features –



The certificates issued by Medifit are very precious for the trainers. We are providing one of the best quality certificates to our students and clients. The physical copy is made by high quality Australian company made paper and the lamination sheet provided is of international quality. The lamination is done for the safety of the certificates and to give proper strength to it. The durability of the lamination of the sheet is approx 10 to 15 years if handled properly.




Also the most important part is the security of the certificates. We have made the certificates with watermarks and the certificate registration numbers, by which the chances of forging and duplicating are very less. Each and every certificate is under surveillance.  

If someone tries to make duplicate of this certificates, then in cross verification, he/she will be trapped. Hence Medifit certificates comes with extra protection and security.



During cross verification of your Certificate, Registration Number (issued by Medifit) plays a very important role, which cannot be forged. So this feature gives you complete safety and security of the certificate.

Cross verification is done basically by Employers, when student apply for job in other countries.


What is cross verification?

A registration number is printed on the physical certificates issued by Medifit. When any employer asks Medifit for verification, we use this registration number to verify the real student. Under this number all the information of student is stored with Medifit.

Hence, Medifit certificates comes with extra safety & security to prevent forging and duplicity of certificates.