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With over 16 years of strong experience in Medical & Fitness industry, Medifit Biologicals entered into pharmaceutical arena.

This rich & marathon Medical & Fitness experience, since 1998, provoked us to launch the pharmaceutical section into Medical & Fitness industry of India.

Medifit Biologicals practices this medical science to maintain and restore health of human beings, by the prevention and treatment of illness.

There is lack of good pharma grade products in Sports & Fitness industry.Medifit Biologicals understands the urgent need to introduce the Pharma grade Nutritional products in Fitness & wellness industry.


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We aim to provide quality pharma grade Nutritional supplements and other medicinal products via our pharmaceutical wing.

We are currently operating into 12 states and union territories of India in 2014 year. Our branch network of Pan India helps to reach the richly diversified India in very efficient manner. Pan India presence make easy access to all corners of India.


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