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Our unique logo denotes the words ‘D’ & ‘M’ of Medifit Biologicals

. ‘D’ stands for ‘Doctor’ & ‘M’ stands for ‘ Medifit & Medical’.

The color & structure of our logo symbolizes the combination of Medical, Fitness & Sports field.

Red color of logo is symbol for victory, enthusiasm, strength, stimulation, courage, pioneering spirit, strong will, confidence, energy & determination which indicate the Fitness & Sports relation.

Red, the color of blood, which denotes life & is symbol of protection, indicates the Medical field.

Red is color of affection, which denotes humanity and service to humanity, which our institute does.

The two sharp spike like shape of ‘D’ which becomes thick later, symbolizes the speed & force which denotes the spirit of sport – devotion of Medifit Biologicals to Sports, Exercise & Fitness.

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