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COURSE Provided by Medifit Medical Academy.

MODE: By Distance Education/ Correspondence course only.

No Lectures will be conducted for this course. Students will study at home, by the study material provided by Medifit Medical Academy.

DURATION: 2 months course

FEES: 4,750/- INR

STUDY MATERIAL: Physical Study Material/Manual/s will be sent by courier. Student will have to study from this given Manual/s.

EXAMS: There are no exams for this course.

CERTIFICATES: 2 Lifetime Validity Certificates are given. Means no need to renew the course after 2 or 3 years. Certificate/s are awarded after completion of this course.


Do internship or practical training or assistantship of 1 year approximately with Gym owners, Gym managers and Gym management.

Work with specialist or expert for approximately 1 year in your local area, so that you can apply the knowledge taken in course of Medifit Medical Academy.

It is the responsibility of the student to work with specialist or expert. Medifit will not arrange this work or Internship of 1 year.





These days when people all over the world have become so much concerned about their health and diet, it is but obvious that they continually seek out for gyms which are loaded with great equipment and trainers which are at their vicinity.

With the growing importance of gyms in the market, many people are taking up the business of setting up one which is extremely profitable and has a lot of scope to grow and prosper in the long run as well.

Being the owner of a gym is not an easy affair as it means that one is responsible for everything, starting from fulfilling the basic requirements, the proper supply and maintenance of the equipment, hiring personnel to get it going and many more and to add to the burden there are file full of administration work which the owner has to look into as well.

Thus to avoid the extra tiresome activities on the go and in running the gym business, there is something known as the Gym Management.

Which comes handy as it is something which helps an owner to take care of almost everything starting from the finances, the tracking and the membership details all within reach.

While the gym management is extremely easy and affordable to consider as an option which saves time too, some of the benefits include:

  • Ease of use.
  • Reduces the staff requirements.
  • Hassle free finance and fee collection processes.
  • Saves administration time.
  • Reliable
  • Best for communicating with the members and building relationships.



Entrepreneurs seeking to cater to the growing fitness demand, need to understand, first and foremost that a gym, like any other business needs a few key ingredients to be successful. Medifit’s Gym & Business Management Course will focus on several areas that are key to the sustenance and success of a gym.

These areas include:



An important cornerstone of a gym is the way in which it is set up. The funding, the business plan and the actual floor plan of the gym need to be sought out and planned to the last detail. Customers in today’s day and age are looking more than just a place to come and workout, they need an environment that is stimulating and hip, which will make them feel like coming in on a daily basis. Gym set up therefore is a critical module of any good gym management course.



The better the type of equipment in a gym, the better its perception and therefore the greater the premium that can be charged to members. This module helps gym manager’s profile and choose the latest and best equipment that will enable members workout better and more efficiently.



As with any business involving a crowded marketplace, a gym too needs to brand and position itself in the correct manner for it to attract clientele. Finding a USP and building an aura around it, is extremely important as it will define the identity of not just the gym, but the services it offers as well. Branding and positioning will help a gym owner/manager, to create a fitness brand that in the long run can be leveraged and diversified into other revenue generating areas.



Any business needs a robust marketing strategy and media management to survive and prosper. Allocation of budgets, choosing the proper media vehicles and strategy are all key for a successful gym. This therefore makes this module the most critical of them all.



The day to day running of the gym, in terms of hygiene, maintenance of equipment, ensuring optimal temperature and light and even managing clientele is a crucial part of facility administration that will go a long way in running a successful gymnasium.

Learning to operate a successful establishment is crucial, simply because in today’s day and age, a successful gym is one that can retain the loyalty of clientele. A gym management course therefore becomes that much more important in the long run.



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