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FAQs PT Course

  1. Are classes conducted in PT Course?

No. No physical or virtual class room classes are conducted.

  1. What basic qualification is required to do the course of PT?

Medifit courses are for general masses. No basic qualification is required to take admission for course.

  1. Which documents are required to take admission for PT Course?

Academic documents in scanned form and identity and date of birth proof, all in original (original scanned)

  1. What is the course language or study material language?

The study material language is in English only.

  1. What is the course fee?

The course fee currently is 10,500 INR excluding study materials.

  1. Can we get installments for Course fees?

No installments are allowed, being a distance education course. One time total fees to be paid.

  1. How to pay the fees to Medifit?

Fees can be paid to Medifit by cash, cheque, online bank transfer, wire transfer and pay pal transfer.

  1. What is the duration of PT course?

3 months.

  1. What is the syllabus of PT Course?

PT Syllabus in brief  is

  • Important definitions (medical & fitness)
  • Human body (anatomy & physiology)
  • Fitness science
  • Exercise programming
  • Special population
  • Fitness testing
  • Nutrition

For detail syllabus kindly visit the syllabus section of Academy on website.


  1. Will we get study material for PT Course?

Yes you will get study material.

  1. How much & which certificates we will get for PT Course?

Total 4 certificates

  1. Advance Exercise Personal Training
  2. Basic Personal Training
  3. Practical Training
  4. Exercise Programming


  1. How will you send the certificates of PT Course?

By mail that is private courier service.

  1. What will be the structure of exam in PT Course?

Exam in MEDIFIT will be of Submission. Certain topics will be given to students and students will send that topics in written to Medifit. This process is called submission or project like.

  1. Will oral, written and practical exam be conducted for PT Course?

There will be no viva, oral or practical exam. Students have to submit submissions only.

  1. How much is validity of certificates issued for PT Course?

Lifetime validity. No need to renew the certificates every 2 or 3 years.

  1. What is the renewal process of certificates of PT Course?

No renewal required. Validity is lifetime.

  1. When we will get the certificates of PT Course?

The certificates of PT course will be awarded to students after 1 month of submitting the submissions.

  1. What is cost of study material?

Minimal cost will be applied depending upon the cost of stationary material. It may vary from time to time. Now it is 1550 INR in 2016 year for physical manual reading. Online reading of same manual will be free of cost.

  1. How many books will be provided for PT Course?

Minimum 4 volumes will be provided for physical book reading.

  1. Is practical manual provided for PT Course?

Yes one volume of Practical manual is provided in PT course.

  1. How we will learn the practical in PT Course?

In distance education the practical is learnt through the manual of practical training.

We suggest to do the practical’s in Gym and outdoor too.