Navi Mumbai – 400 706, Maharashtra, India

Radiology & Imaging is a major branch, which caters to all other important clinical branches.

It caters to of all the imaging modalities i.e. X-Ray, CT scan, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Ultrasonography (USG) & Colour Doppler, Mammography & BMD (Dexa Scan).

These are of immense importance for indirect visualization of internal body organs and diagnosis of various diseases.

Department of Radiology has the state of art equipments and is one of the busiest department in the hospital with heavy workload of patients.

Department of Radiology has conducted the highest number of Non invasive C.T. Coronary Angiographies – Over 1200/month Conducted in Asia. Largest number of scans in a month – Over 1000 MRI Scans / month.

Terna Sahyadri Speciality Hospital & Research Centre Plot No.12, Sector 22, Opp. Nerul Railway Station, Phase-2, Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai – 400 706, Maharashtra, India
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