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Chondrosarcoma are malignant neoplasm of bone, in which the neoplastic cells exclusively produce abnormal cartilage tissue but no osteoid or bone.



Age: Peak age of occurrence of chondro-sarcoma is between 30 to 40 years

Sex: It is more commonly seen among males (M: F ratio 2:1)

Site: In Maxilla anterior part, where pre-exiting nasal cartilage is present.

In the mandible, the disease mostly occurs in the posterior region, at the site of the embryonically derived Meckel’s cartilage. Symphysis, coronoid or the condylar processes.



  • During the initial stages chondrosarcomas produce a painless swelling of the jaw with facial asymmetry.
  • Pain, tenderness, anesthesia or paresthesia in the region.
  • Chondrosarcoma are often very fast enlarging neoplasm and although metastasis does not occur during the initial period, many patients may die of extensive local tissue destruction.
  • The jaw swelling progresses rapidly, causing severe expansion of the bone and loosening of teeth.
  • The edentulous patients may feel poor fitting of the artificial dentures
  • Chondrosarcoma occurring in the anterior maxilla may produce nasal obstruction, epistaxis and breathing difficulties, etc.


Radio graphical Features:

Radiographically chondrosarcoma appears as an expansile, “moth-eaten “radiolucent area in the bone with ill-defined borders.



Wide surgical excision is the only viable treatment.


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