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There are many sports where it is advantageous or required to remove body hair. If you plan on entering a bodybuilding competition, you must remove your body hair. People are always asking for shortcuts to getting ripped and muscular, well here is the easiest one of all – remove body hair. Its amazing how much more massive and definied a hairy person looks when they remove their body hair!  Removing armpit hair not only makes your lats look wider but removes a large source of body odor.

Lets talk about the other options first:

Creams and chemicals.  These might work for women’s peach fuzz but despite what the ads say, they don’t work on thick men’s hair.  I tried this myself using a product specifically designed for men’s thick head hair, left it on twice as long as they said, and all it did was make the hair curly – oh that and burned my skin something fierce.

Waxing.  Haven’t tried this myself but its gotta be painful.  Also time consuming and expensive if you have it done.

Mechanical pullers.  Torture devices designed by men, for women.  These rotating heads rip the hairs out one by one so you can enjoy the agony of each one separately.

Electric razor (type used for facial shaving).  Easy on the skin, no pain, but takes FOREVER.

Electric clipper (type used for cutting head hair). An excellent option. Removes hair rapidly down to 1/32″ and looks clean shaven from 8′ away. No chance of ingrown hairs. Unless you really need to be smooth, give serious consideration to just clipping and leaving the hair at 1/32″

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Before we talk about shaving, lets talk about what we are trying to avoid – ingrown hairs. The name doesnt properly convey how painful they are and how UGLY they look so lets talk about them. Here is what the hair looks like before we shave it off. If you shave it properly, the sharp, cutoff end is at the skin level or above so that when you apply pressure to the skin there is no discomfort or imflamation. When the hair grows, it has a clear path to free air and doesnt contact skin during its growth upward. To cut at the right level:

  • warm up in the warm/hot water till the goosebumps are long gone
  • shave with the grain, in this example, drag the blade to the left.


If you shave hard against the grain, in this case to the right, you cut the hairs off below skin level and they look like this. Imagine you have made the mistake of shaving your beltline against the grain. As you button your pants you put pressure on the skin and thousands of these little knives poke you – not plesant! You might be able to get away with against the grain shaving places where nothing ever touches (like your face) but certainly not elsewhere.

If you shave too close like the above image, then something very unpleasant can happen. If the cut off hair has been covered by dirt or solidified skin oils, the hair cant grow upward so it curls back under. This can also happen if the sharp cut edge of the hair catches skin on the edge of the channel as it grows. As the hair continues to grow, nasty things happen. A raised red bump appears, if you are lucky that is all but quite often they get infected causing something that looks like a big whitehead pimple. Imagine this covering your chest like a carpet, yikes. In some cases they get infected so bad that a trip to the doctor is required.

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If you’re interested in male body shaving, also known as “manscaping,” or just want to know why men should do it, men offer several reasons. Shaving has benefits for competitive swimmers and bodybuilders, and can also reduce perspiration. You may also want to take a razor to the fuzzier parts of your body to keep up with current trends, or because your girlfriend likes it.


Bodybuilders and weightlifters often shave their bodies to show off the definition and contours of their muscles. In competitive bodybuilding tournaments, a smooth and hairless body highlights a bodybuilder’s physique. Having excess hair obscures muscle definition, and may affect how well bodybuilders do in professional competitions.




Certain athletes are known for gleamingly smooth physiques. “A hairless body shows a lot more definition,” explains Cynthia James, a body-shaving expert who works with professional bodybuilders, wrestlers and boxers. Hairs cast shadows, which tend to obscure muscle detail.

The best shaving strategy is to sit in a hot bath with a moisturizing oil, such as apricot or sunflower oil. Then shave against the grain with a combination of hair conditioner and shaving cream. You’ll have to exfoliate the skin every 24 hours-using a tough luffa sponge, or you’ll run into irritating ingrown hairs.

For those tricky nooks and crannies such as the Adam’s apple and the collarbone, lasering is a good solution. So is electrolysis, or zapping each follicle with an electric needle; it’s a tedious process that is too time-consuming for large areas. A less expensive option is a depilatory — a lotion or gel formulated to dissolve hair just under the skin’s surface. While they can be odorous and potentially irritating, one skin-friendly choice is Sally Hansen’s Sponge-On Hair Remover ($6). Results last for about a week.

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During the last 20 years more and more men choose to remove some or all of their body hair. First, it was the swimmers and bodybuilders, then all the athletes. Now even men who don’t have to show their body remove hair for different reasons. So if you are extensively hairy or your girlfriend prefers that you have smooth skin and you think that waxing is too painful, shaving the hair is a good option.

  1. Get the things you’ll need. They are listed below.
  2. Use the trimmer to shorten the hair as much as possible. Trimmers are easy to use and it’s hard to cut yourself with a trimmer. Go against the grain for a closer trim.
  3. After trimming, go to the bath and wash with hot water for two minutes. Do not use soap because it dries the skin.
  4. Put on the foam and wait for two-three minutes.
  5. Get the bottle with alcohol and use it to rinse the razor from bacteria.
  6. Get the razor and shave with the grain.
  7. Put the foam again and wait for a minute.
  8. Shave against the grain for a closer shave.
  9. After that, take a bath with cooler water.
  10. At the end, put on the aftershave.


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