Course Aim & Vision

This section explains what is the Aim of launching Medifit’s Master Personal Trainer Certificate Course?  



To introduce Study at home comfort, distance and e-learning course. No Brick and mortar education cost. Medifit’s student shouldn’t bear the cost of brick and mortar schooling, costly faculties and related management expenses. Also it saves travelling and lodging cost along with precious time of student. Students shouldn’t bear the brick & mortar cost for a simple certificate course of Master Personal Training.

VIDEO TEACHING (No class room lectures):

Medifit is following world famous, state of art, modern, next generation video teaching programs, where no boring, outdated and traditional lectures are conducted in brick & mortar traditional schooling.

Students will study through videos & study material provided, at their comfort at home, anytime and throughout life. No time bounding.

No need to visit Medifit in Mumbai, India.



The aim of Medifit’s Master Personal Trainer Course is that student should start professional carrier very soon and start earning and taking teaching experience as soon as possible.

Student should achieve goal of Personal Trainer certification in short span of time, so that they can start professional carrier as soon as possible. Course is just meant for education and certification. Student starts their real learning process after getting Master Personal Trainer certification, when they work on floor for training.

Easy & Simple process to get Lifetime validity certification.

Fees should be economical, so that more number of trainer’s are produced in health and fitness industry.

To achieve students passion for demonstration of passion for Fitness, health and normal wellbeing.

Introduce more Medical topics in Master Personal Trainer Course, so that student doesn’t remain limited to Fitness field. Student should be expert in overall health, wellness and medical topics along with fitness topics.

Introduce Medical based syllabus in Fitness industry.

To make the management and course process such that, students concentration should be, only on knowledge & not on examination. Means the exam shouldn’t bring burden or nervousness to student. They shouldn’t be worried for failing in examination. Instead they should concentrate on knowledge grasping.

Make Medical standard course, so that Students get International recognition for their certification.

Complete Job oriented course structure.

aim vision


Master personal Trainer Certificate Course

| International acceptance | Medical based | Job oriented | Lifetime validity | Most economical |